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Acting offers classes for students who wish to concentrate solely on acting or wish to augment the acting classes offered in the Triple Threat Division. Students will hone their acting skills, learning about improv, diction, monologue, scene study and more. This program has two sessions:Acting for Theatre and Acting for Film..

  • Acting 1 (Grades 3-6) — Students will be introduced to  acting basics.  They will learn games that will help develop trust, collaboration, spontaneity, and creativity. Their imagination and skills will be further developed through structured exercises, which include scene style improvisations and character building. By the end of the course, students will gain confidence, understanding, and a basic set of skills that they can use toward further actor and performance training both in the theatre and on camera.
  • Acting 2 (Grades 7+up) — Students apply and refine basic acting skills and tools in performance exercises. These students will explore ideas, themes, characters and stories through games and exercises that challenge their imagination and creativity. They will finetune their understanding of a character's journey and storytelling, improve their communication and expression skills, and gain appreciation for live performance and theatre. Monologue work for auditions in the acting for theatre class; as well as a “mock day on set” in the acting for film class will give students a greater understanding as they put their skills into practice.

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