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Canadian Screen Award Win for George Randolph

Unsung, Behind the Glee, co-produced by  George Randolph, WINNER - Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series

TVO Doc Studio's documentary, "Unsung: Behind the Glee" charts the compelling journey of two Toronto high school show choirs as they battle time, nerves and each other to create an award-winning routine for the Show Choir Nationals, Canada’s National High School Glee Club Championships. Watch it here

From l to r: George Randolph, Moze Mossanen, Peter daCosta at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards Gala, Feb. 24, 2015

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Talking Theatre in China

The Randolph Academy's founder and president George Randolph recently travelled to China as the sole arts representative in the delegation accompanying Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne in her first-ever Economic and Trade Development mission.[more]